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La física fundamental ante una revolución inacabada: lección inaugural del curso académico 2008-2009

The carriers of AMS in remagnetized carbonates. Insights for remagnetization mechanism and basin evolution

Extensional vs. compressional deformation in the Central High Atlas salt province: a paleomagnetic approach

Chronostratigraphy and new vertebrate sites from the upper Maastrichtian of Huesca (Spain), and their relation with the K/Pg boundary

Noncommutative relativistic spacetimes and worldlines from 2 + 1 quantum (Anti-)de sitter groups

Quantum groups and noncommutative spacetimes with cosmological constant

Curved momentum spaces from quantum groups with cosmological constant

The κ-(A)dS quantum algebra in (3+1) dimensions

Aeromagnetic anomalies reveal the link between magmatism and tectonics during the early formation of the Canary Islands

pySCu: A new python code for analyzing remagnetizations directions by means of small circle utilities

Extractos magnéticos y observaciones mediante microscopía electrónica en carbonatos remagnetizados jurásicos

Evidencias de facies rojas remagnetizadas en el Atlas Medio (Marruecos)

8.2 ka BP paleoclimatic event and the Ebro Valley Mesolithic groups: Preliminary data from Artusia rock shelter (Unzué, Navarra, Spain)

Three archaeomagnetic applications of archaeological interest to the study of burnt anthropogenic cave sediments

Is it possible to identify temporal differences among combustion features in Middle Palaeolithic palimpsests? The archaeomagnetic evidence: A case study from level O at the Abric Romaní rock-shelter (Capellades, Spain)

The Mas del Pepet experimental programme for the study of prehistoric livestock practices: Preliminary data from dung burning

El Mirador cave (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain): a whole perspective

The Early Acheulean technology of Barranc de la Boella (Catalonia, Spain)

Paleo-watertable definition using cave ferromanganese stromatolites and associated cave-wall notches (Sierra de Arnero, Spain)

Arqueomagnetismo: aplicación al estudio del campo magnético de la Tierra y a la caracterización de yacimientos arqueológicos

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