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Bis(imidazolium) salts derived from amino acids as receptors and transport agents for chloride anions

Kinetic models of migration of melamine and formaldehyde from melamine kitchenware with data of liquid chromatography

Polymeric chemosensor for the colorimetric determination of the total polyphenol index (TPI) in wines

The behaviour of Tenax as food simulant in the migration of polymer additives from food contact materials by means of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and PARAFAC

Fluorescence determination of cochineal in strawberry jam in the presence of carmoisine as a quencher by means of four-way PARAFAC decomposition

Porous aromatic polyamides the easy and green way

Detection of cold chain breaks using partial least squares-class modelling based on biogenic amine profiles in tuna

Synthesis, crystal structure and cytotoxicity assays of a copper(II) nitrate complex with a tridentate ONO acylhydrazone ligand. Spectroscopic and theoretical studies of the complex and its ligand

Signal transfer with excitation-emission matrices between a portable fluorimeter based on light-emitting diodes and a master fluorimeter

Determination of cochineal and erythrosine in cherries in syrup in the presence of quenching effect by means of excitation-emission fluorescence data and three-way PARAFAC decomposition

Sensory polymeric foams as a tool for improving sensing performance of sensory polymers

Strong influence of the ancillary ligand over the photodynamic anticancer properties of neutral biscyclometalated IrIII complexes bearing 2‐benzoazole‐phenolates

Microcellular foamed aromatic polyamides (aramids). Structure, thermal and mechanical properties

Polymer films containing chemically anchored diazonium salts with long-term stability as colorimetric sensors

Easy and inexpensive method for the visual and electronic detection of oxidants in air by using vinylic films with embedded aniline

Recent developments in sensing devices based on polymeric systems

A computational approach to partial least squares model inversion in the framework of the process analytical technology and quality by design initiatives

Reaction of non-symmetric schiff base metallo-ligand complexes possessing an oxime function with Ln ions

Polymer-based chemical sensors

Silver nanoparticles/free-standing carbon nanotube Janus membranes

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