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Manual de impresión 3D adaptado a personas con discapacidad

Aplicación de la impresión 3D en el diseño personalizado inclusivo

Performance of global luminous efficacy models and proposal of a new model for daylighting in Burgos, Spain

Liquid−Liquid Equilibria for 2‑Phenylethan-1-ol + Alkane Systems

Thermodynamics of amide + ketone mixtures. 2. Volumetric, speed of sound and refractive index data for N,N-dimethylacetamide + 2-alkanone systems at several temperatures. Application of Flory's model to tertiary amide + n-alkanone systems

Regression and ANN models for electronic circuit design

Retrieval of monthly average hourly values of direct and diffuse solar irradiance from measurements of global radiation in Spain

Aplicaciones presentes y futuras de la impresión 3D

Aprender de la discapacidad: formación en prevención de riesgos laborales de una manera diferente

Seasonal caracterization of CIE standard sky types above Burgos, northwestern Spain

Thermodynamics of mixtures with strongly negative deviations from Raoult's law. XV. Permittivities and refractive indices for 1-alkanol + n-hexylamine systems at (293.15–303.15) K. Application of the Kirkwood-Fröhlich model

Thermodynamics of mixtures containing a very strongly polar compound. 12. Systems with nitrobenzene or 1-nitroalkane and hydrocarbons or 1-alkanols

High pressure and high temperature volumetric properties of (2-propanol + di-isopropyl ether) system

Shadow-band radiometer measurement of diffuse solar irradiance: Calculation of geometrical and total correction factors

New device for the simultaneous measurement of diffuse solar irradiance on several azimuth and tilting angles

Implementation of PV plants in Spain: a case study

Small hydropower plants in Spain: a case study

Diffuse solar irradiance estimation on building's façades: review, classification and benchmarking of 30 models under all sky conditions

High pressure density and speed of sound of hydrofluoroether fluid 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,5,5,5-decafluoro-3-methoxy-4-(trifluoromethyl)-pentane (HFE-7300)

Excess Enthalpies of Binary and Ternary Mixtures Containing Dibutyl Ether, Cyclohexane, and 1-Butanol at 298.15 K

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