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Selective photooxidation of sulfides catalyzed by bis‐cyclometalated IrIII photosensitizers bearing 2,2′‐dipyridylamine‐based ligands

Structure, tautomerism, spectroscopic and DFT study of o-vanillin derived Schiff bases containing thiophene ring

Structural Conformers of (1,3-Dithiol-2-ylidene)ethanethioamides: The Balance Between Thioamide Rotation and Preservation of Classical Sulfur-Sulfur Hypervalent Bonds

Chemical speciation of MeHg+ and Hg2+ in aqueous solution and HEK cells nuclei by means of DNA interacting fluorogenic probes

Synthesis of Pyrrolidine-Fused 1,3-Dithiolane Oligomers by the Cycloaddition of Polycyclic Dithiolethiones to Maleimides and Evaluation as Mercury(II) Indicators

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