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Grupo de investigación Patofisiología de la Diabetes, Obesidad y su Educación Terapéutica (DIABO-TER)

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Tissue specific expression of human fatty acid oxidation enzyme genes in late pregnancy

Insulin degrading enzyme is up-regulated in pancreatic β cells by insulin treatment

LRH-1 agonism favours an immune-islet dialogue which protects against diabetes mellitus

Excess hydrocortisone hampers placental nutrient uptake disrupting cellular metabolism

Chloro-Furanocembranolides from Leptogorgia sp. Improve Pancreatic Beta-Cell Proliferation

Liver-specific ablation of insulin-degrading enzyme causes hepatic insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, without affecting insulin clearance in mice

Leptolide improves insulin resistance in diet-induced obese mice

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