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International Center in Critical Raw Materials for Advanced Industrial Technologies (ICCRAM)

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Local Piezoelectric Behavior of Potassium Sodium Niobate Prepared by a Facile Synthesis via Water Soluble Precursors

Advanced Synthesis on Lead‐Free KxNa(1−x)NbO3 Piezoceramics for Medical Imaging Applications

Forward genetics by genome sequencing uncovers the central role of the aspergillus niger goxB locus in hydrogen peroxide induced glucose oxidase expression

Applying high‐throughput computational techniques for discovering next‐generation of permanent magnets

Solid state hydrogen storage in alanates and alanate-based compounds: a review

Influence of three commercial graphene derivatives on the catalytic properties of a lactobacillus plantarum α-l-Rhamnosidase when used as immobilization matrices

Colonization of electrospun polycaprolactone fibers by relevant pathogenic bacterial strains

Possible alternatives to critical elements in coatings for extreme applications

Recent progress and new perspectives on metal amide and imide systems for solid-state hydrogen storage

Kinetics and hydrogen storage performance of Li-Mg-N-H systems doped with Al and AlCl3

Exploring the Crystal Structure Space of CoFe2P by Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Methods

Thermal denaturation of A-DNA

Structure and function of Aspergillus niger laccase McoG

Mechanically activated metathesis reaction in NaNH2–MgH2 powder mixtures

Magnetisation switching of FePt nanoparticle recording medium by femtosecond laser pulses

Role of interface in multilayered composites under irradiation: A mathematical investigation

Tetrahydroborates: development and potential as hydrogen storage medium

A high-throughput exploration of magnetic materials by using structure predicting methods

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